Your Ultimate Guide to the Beagle Lab Mix

Are you looking to add a Beagle Lab Mix to your family?

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I feel that it is essential to know about a dog breed before bringing the furry one to your life so that you know what to expect in terms of personality, temperament, health, etc. and can be the best dog parent to the furry one.

And, there are a lot of things to learn.

The Beagle Lab Mix is one of the most popular designer dog breeds in the world. These dogs have killer looks and a lovely personality!

In this blog post, we will go through everything that you need to know about the Beagle Lab Mix or the Beagador.

Let’s get started.

Breed History and Origins: The Husky Lab Mix

The  Beagle Lab Mix is one of the most popular designer dog breeds in the world because it has two of the most-loved dog breeds for parents. To create this dog breed, the Beagle was bred with the Labrador Retriever to get a unique combination of genes.

Like other hybrid dogs, the Beagle Lab mix takes on the temperaments, characteristics, and appearances of both the parents.

Let’s take a look at the parent breeds, shall we?

The Labrador Retriever

At the Northeast of Canada’s coast lies the Newfoundland Island where the Labrador retriever originated from.

Labradors were bred by the fishermen, and these dogs helped their owners retrieve fish at work and be faithful companions at home. In the 1700s, Labradors were called St John’s dogs. When Englishmen visited Canada in the 19th century, these dogs attracted their attention.

The breed soon found its way to England.

English noblemen adopted these dogs for hunting, and the breed was soon popular across the county as Labradors.

As the breed gained popularity in England, they started to disappear in their native land—Canada due to tax regulations and laws. In the 1920s, this breed was introduced in the United States and soon started to appear on the list of famous dogs!

Since then, Labradors have been recruited as military dogs, special needs dogs, police dogs, etc.

What makes this breed popular among masses is that these dogs are sweet, devoted, intelligent, easy to train, and are ready to please their owners.

Labradors are excitable and need to be trained to control their impulses.


Beagles are small hound dogs that were developed in the 1830s by Reverend Phillip Honeywood in Essex. However, the origins of this dog breed can be traced back to the Ancient Greece of 5th century BC.

Although these dogs have originated in England, they’re more popular in the United States and Canada. Beagles are happy-go-lucky medium-sized dogs known for their keen sense of smell.

These dogs rank number 5 out of 193 in American Kennel Club’s Breed Popularity index are merry, friendly, and curious little balls of fur.

These dogs feature a solid build and have a solid frame. These dogs make excellent companion and family dogs and thrive on attention, love, and affection. Beagles are known for their intelligence.

Beagle Lab Mix: Looks and Personality!

One of the most frustrating things about owning a designer breed dog is that it is hard to determine which side of the family the dog would take after in terms of looks and personality. In fact, a Beagle Lab Mixes’ looks and personality can be like:

  • That of the Beagle entirely
  • That of the Labrador entirely
  • A mix of both

In this section of the blog, I’ll go through the killer looks and personality of the Beagle Lab Mix dog breed.

The Killer Looks of the Beagle Lab Mix

When it comes to looks, Beagle Lab Mixes come in several shapes and sizes. While some look strikingly similar to Beagles, others look like they’re a carbon copy of the Labrador.

In fact, puppies of the same litter can look totally different from each other.

Beagadors are between 16 to 25 inches in height and weigh between 30 to 75 pounds in weight.

Mostly, Beagadors have the eyes and head of the Beagle and the coat of the labrador Retriever which means that it is resistant to water, glossy, and short. In fact, this dog may even have a double coat.

The Beagle Lab Mix sheds its coat seasonally like the Labrador.

Let’s Talk About the Beagador’s Personality

The Beagador is a lovable, happy, and protective dog.

These dogs are extremely intelligent and highly trainable. They’re keen to learn new things and catch onto things rather quickly. These dogs are excellent with families and small children.

And, they get along with pets and other people, too.

However, these dogs are extremely protective of their family and are loyal, too. Which means that they’ll gladly put themselves in harm’s way to protect their loved ones.

How to Keep Your Beagle Lab Mix Healthy: Food Talk

Beagle Lab Mixes are medium-sized dogs that don’t need a lot of calories throughout the day. However, people often don’t understand just how much food they should give to their furry friend.

Most dogs that I come across are either overweight or underweight which is why it is essential to know the number of calories you should feed your dog during the day to ensure that you meet all of your dog’s dietary needs.

So, how can you ensure that?

The Kcals You Feed Your Beagle Lab Mix Matter

As I’ve mentioned before, you should provide your dog with the right amount of food he needs to ensure that he maintains a healthy weight and is neither too thin nor too fat.

There are a few things to keep in mind when determining the number of calories your dog needs per day:

  • The size of the dog
  • Current weight
  • Ideal weight
  • Exercise needs
  • Medical issues

The best way to figure out the number of calories your dog needs is to ask your vet as they’re the expert in the situation. Even if you have multiple Beagle Lab Mixes, you shouldn’t assume that what works for one dog may work for the other.

An adult Beagle Lab Mix needs approximately 1200 to 1500 calories per day to maintain their weight.

We recommend you use the following dog foods for your Beagle Lab Mix as they meet your dog’s nutritional needs:

How to Get the Calories Right: An Important Rule

Did you know that most dog owners end up overfeeding their dogs?

This can lead to various problems such as obesity, heart disease, etc. in the long run which is why you should keep close tabs on what you’re feeding your furry friend.

You should follow the 80-20 rule when it comes to food and treats. According to this rule:

  • 80% of the calories that your dog consumes should come from the kibble or dog food
  • 20% of the calories that your dog consumes should come from treats

Most dog owners fail to account for treats when they feed their dogs!

The 80-20 Rule in Action: A Quick Glance

Let’s apply the 80-20 rule to real life, shall we?

Let’s assume that your Beagle Lab Mix needs to eat 1000 kcal per day (an estimated figure).

According to the 80-20 rule, 80% of calories should come from the kibble while the rest come from treats. So, this means that:

  • You should give your dog 800 kcal worth of dog food during the day
  • Your dog can have 200 kcal of treats per day

The 80-20 rule helps ensure that your dog meets all of his nutritional needs so that he can live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Beagle Lab Mix: Grooming, Health, and More

There’s more to owning a dog than just the price that you pay to the kennel to purchase your pup!

Dogs are a long-term investment and, as the owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your furry friend—which also includes meeting your dog’s needs and requirements. This includes grooming, exercise, health issues, etc.

In this section of the blog post, I will go through some of the Beagle Lab Mixes’ maintenance needs.

Let’s begin.

Exercise Requirements and the Beagle Lab Mix

These dogs love going on long walks, playing, etc.

However, since these dogs are small in size, you really don’t need to worry about having a house with a yard. These dogs aren’t happy in smaller living spaces and need a bigger house.

They won’t be happy in a small apartment.

Since the Beagle Lab Mix has the Labrador Retriever and the Beagle for parents, these dogs have high activity needs. They’ll be more than willing to accompany you on long walks, treks, etc.

These dogs love exploring new places and love to play with their owners.

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Grooming Your Beagle Lab Mix

One of the best things about having a Beagle Lab Mix is that they’re low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

These dogs have a short to a medium coat which makes grooming an easy task. In fact, all you need to do is to brush your Beagle Lab Mix two to three times a week, and you’re good. Here are some dog brushes that I recommend:

Nails Trimming!

Your Beagle Lab Mix can grow really sharp nails that can hurt you which is why it is important that you cut your doggy’s nails.

You should trim your dog’s nails once every two weeks. Long nails tend to split easily and can be quite hurtful for your dog as well. I recommend that you use a sharp nail cutter which provides accurate and safe trimming. I’ve been loving the Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel for my furry friend.

Brushing Your Beagle Lab Mix Teeth

Beagle Lab Mixes are prone to getting dental problems which is why maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene should be your priority. You should brush your dog’s teeth at least twice per week to ensure that those pearly whites are squeaky clean.

Dental toys are also an excellent choice.

I recommend the following dental hygiene products for the Beagle Lab Mix Dog Breed:

You should start brushing your dog’s teeth from an early age as it makes the process easier for you and your furry friend.

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Beagle Lab Mix: Health Issues

Did you know that designer breed dogs are generally healthier than purebred ones?

This is because hybrid dogs have a greater genetic variation which makes them resistant to certain genetic diseases. Beagle Lab Mixes are healthy dogs and active little dogs.

However, they are prone to getting certain diseases that are associated with their parent breeds. These include problems such as:

  • OCD
  • Eye problems
  • Bloating
  • Beagle Dwarfism
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Skin problems
  • Cold tail
  • Eye diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism

We recommend you take your dog to the vet at regular intervals and check for symptoms to ensure that your doggy is healthy and happy.

Life Expectancy of the Beagle Lab Mix

Beagle Lab Mixes have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. This, of course, depends on your dog’s diet and lifestyle.

In Conclusion: Your Ultimate Guide to the Beagle Lab Mix

Did I answer all of your questions about the Beagle Lab Mix?

The Beagador is a smart, intelligent, loving, and loyal medium-sized dog who’s got the best of both worlds. This dog gets along with small children, other animals, and people—and enjoys cuddling!

This breed is relatively healthy and had a long lifespan.

All in all, the Beagador will make an excellent addition to your family.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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