Introducing the Border Collie Lab Mix – Everything you have heard versus facts!

The Border Collie Lab Mix is one of the most aesthetically alluring canine hybrids that you may ever see. They are fun and energetic as ever, with interesting temperaments, and physical needs. Find out how to take care of your mix breed with our complete guide.

Labradors sure are playful and fun to be around, and what about those Border Collies, such intelligence and agility!

Now imagine a Border Collie Lab Mix. Who wouldn’t want to own one right?

So how exactly does a mix happen? That’s when a pure breed Border Collie mates with a Labrador, the result is a mix breed with the natural aesthetics of both parents.

We’ll take a look at everything about this mix breed, from physical traits to health expectations- basically everything you would need to know about the Border Collie Lab Mix.

Mixed breed dogs are the trend these days and are popularized by the media. You may have seen numerous mixed breeds on commercials and all that, but what makes them so special?

Let’s talk about one of our personal favorites- the Border Collie Labrador Mix.

Origin of the Border Collie Lab Mix

Mixed breeds have existed for centuries, and the act of cross breeding is usually common in regions, where there are diversities of dog species.

Pure breeds of various species produce offspring that carry variable characteristics from both their parents; this in most cases is an advantage.

It takes a good number of years to create a mixed breed, which is consistent and eventually becomes recognized as a ‘designer breed’.

In the case of the Border Collie Labrador Mix, the mixed breed was discovered about 20 years ago in North America.

The history or origin of mixed breed dogs is closely tied to that of their parents. Every pure breed canine has their peculiarities and ancestral influence. And that has contributed to their modern tendencies and inclinations such as how they think, act, physical abilities, level of aggressiveness, and so on.

Let’s take a look at the parent of the Border Collie Labrador Mix – code name “Borador or Collie Lab”.

Border Collie

Ironically, the Border Collie pure breed is said to be an actual mix between dog breeds owned by the Romans who earlier occupied Britain and those dog breeds owned by the Vikings.

Both breeds were tasked with overseeing herds of sheep, and when the Border Collie breed came into existence it inherited the natural instinct and skill of herding.

They naturally became one of the best shepherd dogs with witty instincts that precede them as the most intelligible canines in the world.

The fame of the Collies quickly spread worldwide as they began to appear in various competitive canine sports dominating other dog breeds and holding the highest achievements in dog-sport history. These exposures put the Collies on the map as the demand for this breed skyrocketed.


The name Labrador was coined in the 19th century, even though the reason behind this name is unclear.

However, the Labrador was known for its fishing abilities. The Lab could retrieve fishes and ducks from rivers and streams for fishermen. Their ability to fetch made them a great companion for hunting activities.

Labradors were high on demand in the early 1800s and were owned by even nobles. The popularity of the breed only increased with time as it became America’s choice breed in 1991 till date.

What does a Border Collie Lab Mix look like?

The Collie Lab Mix has various distinctive features that are easy to pick out. Let’s take a look at a few physical determinants;

Height and weight

The Collie Lab may vary in size as a result of genetic factors, nutrition, health, and lifestyle.

We can say that quite often their height falls between the ranges of 15-17 inches while their weight lingers around 35-65 pounds.

Color variation and coat

It is common for canine breeds to take up colors from their parents as well as a thickness of coat.

A typical Collie Lab will be seen in a bi-mix of three main colors- brown, yellow, and black. The thickness of the coat will depend on genetic semblances.

Temperament and personality

A lot of people usually have concerns over the temperament of whatever new pet they may want to bring into the family. This is essential to ensure the safety of family and friends.

As far as temperament goes, the Collie Lab is simply a delight to have around. This ball of highly energetic force makes every moment eventful. The mix breed is sociable, extremely intelligent with a positive character.

The American Psychology Association revealed that the Collie Lab has a mental capacity that is equal to that of a 2-year-old human child. Astounding fact huh? This is due to a combination of ancestral traits passed down over generations.

The lifestyle of a Border Collie Lab Mix

The saying goes “you can’t teach old dog new tricks.”, but this may not be applicable in all situations. The Border Collie Lab Mix has an intellect that allows it to pick up commands and other forms of communication very quickly.

The hybrid is known to lead an active lifestyle which is evident in its inability to stay on one spot for a long period of time.

How best do I train my Border Collie Lab Mix?

Training a dog such as a Collie Lab requires time and dedication. This is because this mix breed is quite an intellectual and requires constant challenges in order to enable it to reach its full mental capacity.

Collie Labs are thrill seekers, with the need to be constantly entertained. You would need to match their energy if you intend to get this breed.

Training your dogs may not be a walk in the park at first, especially trying to teach them commands or trying to get them to focus on messages being passed. This is why you must consider hiring the services of a professional trainer.

Positive reinforcements are also quite effective in shaping the mind of your pet. When trying to teach a command or communicate an instruction, you should use dog treats to reward your pet for attempts made. This way they can work towards receiving a treat any time they get certain things right.

Sometimes on TV, we see dogs that are able to do crazy stunts or obey a variety of commands, some can even talk when they want, while some act like humans by using the toilet and even pick up the morning newspaper outside. This can easily be your Collie Lab as they are just as intelligent and dedicated.

Adequate Exercises

Border Collie Lab Mixes require a reasonable amount of daily exercise to stay in shape.

The upside to this is that taking your dog out for regular exercises can help you stay fit as well. Going for a run daily would help spend that excess energy and also improve your dog’s immune system.

Exercising your dog adequately may not be time effective for you especially if you often have busy schedules.

You can decide to take your dog on that long walk to the grocery shop instead, and any other distant places that you usually would walk to, this would help you bond with your dog and also keep you in shape.

Life expectancy of Border Collie Lab Mix

Like everything else, there are factors that influence life expectancy in canines.

In the absence of accidents and sudden illness the life expectancy of your dog can be stretched with good hygiene, good nutrition, and lots of exercises. The lifespan of mixed breeds often depends on that of the parent.

On average, Border Collies may live up to 13 years while Labrador Retrievers may live up to 12 years. This gives us an average of 12-13 years for the Collie Lab Mix. It is also popular facts that mix breeds often live longer than their pure breed parent; this is debatable but often true.

When Border Collie Labs shed

If you have never owned a dog with a massive fur coat or probably never owned a dog at all, you might be unaware that dogs shed seasonally.

What is shedding anyways? This is when dogs lose large amounts of their fur coat- yes; they simply just fall off on their own, which brings about its name “shedding”.

This happens seasonally to allow the dog to grow new coat covering after shedding off the old. Shedding can be a pretty challenging business when you have a dog that is well covered in fur, such as the Border Collie Lab Mix.

You will experience bits of fur around the house every now and then, but not to worry; it’s nothing a good grooming won’t solve.

Grooming the Border Collie Labrador Mix

You may be required to groom your Collie Lab twice a week or more.

So what constitutes a good grooming method? Simple, brush regularly, trip and remove mats of hair that are inappropriate, this will create an even layout and a great look for your dog. These processes are easier with a great groom kit.

Health of Labrador Border Collie Mix

Genetics has a major role to play in the health of canines. The more diverse the genes, the lesser the health issues that may arise. This is one advantage that mix breeds have over pure breeds.

Even though mixed breeds are at a higher health advantage, it is also necessary to selectively breed in order to get perfect results health-wise.

We will spare you all the scientific details on how “bad genes” are watered down the line through selective cross breeding. So in relation to the Border Collie and the Labradors, both dog species have very little health concerns themselves as their genetic makeup has greatly thinned the line of “bad genes”.

Border Collie and Labrador health

Every dog breed has peculiar health issues that they might encounter during their lifetime. This is a possibility but not a given.

The American Border Collie association confirmed that Collies have varying possibilities of experiencing health issues such as congenital deafness.

The partial deafness arises through vascular malformation and other issues related to blood flow to the cochlea of the ear. The inhibition of adequate blood flow to the ear may present with this partial deafness which can hinder your dog from hearing effectively.

The issue has been found to be predominant amongst canines with blue eyes and white heads due to a merle gene pattern. Other possible health problems include elbow dysplasia.

Labradors, on the other hand, also have to vary congenital and joint related issues which become prominent with age.

The joint issues may include elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and osteochondritis which often lead to joint deformation, knee dislocation, inflammation, and pains.

Labradors are also prone to heart problems due to poor valve formation and eye problems such as cataract.

The Border Collie Lab Mix, being a mix breed, may escape this genetic health issue. Some breeders even conduct DNA tests to ensure that their mixed puppies do not inherit health problems passed down through the genes.

Getting a Border Collie Lab pup

  • Here are a few tips for choosing a hybrid pup;
  • Find a qualified breeder who is experienced and has all the information on the parents of the pups
  • If you are not too crazy about the high levels of energy that dogs possess then pick from the less energetic pups
  • Find a nice little space for your pup and prepare to spend a lot of quality time in training your newest “fuzzy wozzums”.

Is a Border Collie Lab Mix a good fit for you?

Collie Labs are great dogs!

They are highly energetic, fun loving, loyal, protective, adventurous, and everything in between. Kids will have a wonderful time with them and they also make great work out partners. If you are athletic and love to go for early morning runs, the Collie Lab is perfect for you.

What is the color of your Border Collie Lab Mix? Do you have any experience training one?

Let us know what you think.

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