A Quick Introduction To The German Shepherd Corgi Mix

Are you looking for a pet that would willingly hang out with you any time of the day and is extremely energetic? The Corgi German Shepherd Mix is the perfect choice for you!

This dog is a cross between the two most gifted and earnest kinds which are the German Shepherd and the Corgi.

German Shepherd and Corgi are well-admired dogs because they like to socialize and are adorable at the same time.

We have gathered a lot of information for you on Corgi German Shepherd Mix so you can find out if it is the correct fit for your lifestyle!

How to differentiate Mixed Breed Dog, Purebred and Mutt?

Before you go into the details, you need to know exactly what you are looking for.

A Purebred dog is born out of the same breed.

A Mutt differs in a way that it comes from two or more breeds of unidentified pedigree.

The mixed breed dogs such as the one you are looking into comes out of purebred dogs of two different breeds.

Ensuring good health of the German Shepherd Corgi Mix

People who favor mixed breeds are of the view that this category is healthier than others. Do you think it is true?

Some purebred dogs undergo hereditary health conditions caused by inbreeding. The term used to describe this is Hybrid vigor. But on the whole, their health is determined by the health of their parents.

Now it becomes crucial for you to look closely into the dog you are adopting. For example, if your dog’s parents have had a disease, your dog may undergo the same health problem.

A conscientious breeder will ensure good genetic health conditions.

How did this adorable dog come into being?

The German Shepherd dog also goes by the term GSD. It has remained a popular choice among dog breeds.

This loyal and loving dog came into being after experimentation by a breeder, Captain Max. He was successful in developing GSD from a fusion of various German herding dogs in the 1800s.

What is the German Shepherd Corgi Mix most famous for?

This dog is well known for clinging onto you but it does not get annoying at all!

This is because along with its clingy and super energetic nature, it has amazing work ethics, is super smart and easily trainable.

It is the most fun family pet to have and if you are looking for someone who would keep you or your loved ones secure, it is better than a police K-9.

This mix has all the smartness with the courage of a lion.

How can we tell apart a Corgi German Shepherd by its physical appearance?

The first thing is its size. It is large and its muscles being the athletic look to its body.

With eyes on straight and pointed ears giving away its alert personality, you are sure to recognize it from far.

It also gives a strong, confident vibe. The male weight ranges from 65 to 90 pounds while the females weigh ranges from 50 to 70 pounds.

The height is pretty doable too. From the shoulder, the male height ranges from 24-26 inches while the female ranges from 22 to 24 inches.

You can also expect any color range except pure white. The most common color is of black and tan spot marking on the whole body.

Because of the dense double coat, you will need to ensure regular brushing, particularly during shedding season.

Knowing the Corgi German Shepherd’s Temperament

As mentioned earlier, your dog tends to be alert and loyal at all times.

Expect it to have a welcoming and charming attitude towards any guests in the house too- but be careful, its personality might become overwhelming for those who are not dog lovers.

What are the eating patterns of Corgi German Shepherd Mix?

This one is a pretty greedy breed so you will need to toughen up your feelings when it makes that innocent face asking for another round of food.

This dog loves to eat as much as it loves to play around. And this energy level is perhaps what makes it hungry after every hour or so!

But if you do not manage its eating levels responsibly, it will fall into an obesity cycle and become unhealthy.

Your German Shepherd Corgi puppy needs only about one and a half cups of dry dog food in a day. So what you do is divide this into half and feed your dog ¾ cup in the morning and ¾ cup in the late afternoon.

As its growth, you will need to increase the diet proportionately.An adult dog will require from two and three cups of dry food every day, this too divided into two servings- one for morning and the other for late afternoon.

You need to be careful with the treats. This breed sure does dig them but exploitation will only be bad for you and your dog both!

Reward them only when necessary, not when you are falling deeper into their affectionate personality! If you want to ensure a healthy diet, follow this link below!

What is the lifespan of a German Shepherd Corgi Mix?

You can easily enjoy about 12 to 15 years with your dog. This is a long lifespan in comparison with other breeds and it comes from its Corgi heritage, which has a longer lifespan than the German Shepherds.

How much spending goes into owning a German Shepherd Corgi Mix?

You can easily expect expendables costing you 250 to 750 USD for your Corgi & German Shepherd Mix puppy.

Apart from the purchasing cost, you have to take into account the regular vaccinations, training equipment, a dog carrier, food, toys, and other miscellaneous expenses.

To be on the safe side, keep aside a 1,000 USD for your dog for annual periods.

Amazon has amazing stuff that is economical with quick delivery that you can use for the monthly maintenance of your dog. As this particular breed sheds a lot of hair, you will need to pay special attention to its coat. Here are some well-known purchases made by German Shepherd Corgi owners;

Your All in One Guide: How to Groom a Dog: Check here

How do we ensure proper training of a German Shepherd Corgi Mix?

Since this breed is super smart, training it is not tiresome at all. You just need to contain its energy levels starting from puppyhood.

Your best option is to go for obedience classes if it is the very first time you are petting this breed.

The important thing to remember is since this breed is super energetic, you need to interact with it a lot in terms of daily exercise and play so that its energy levels meet their daily requirements.

In case you are wondering what kind of exercise if sufficient for daily basis, experts’ advice taking two long walks at the bare minimum every day with your dog which would include activities such as fetching.

For more help on exercise, follow this link below!

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What can be the potential health problems related to German Shepherd Corgi Mix?

Apart from the previously mentioned Hybrid vigor, your dog might be prone to other problems inherited by its parents such as hip and elbow dysplasia, osteoarthritis and bloat.

Some other health conditions in relation to GSD include;

  • Hindrance in growth caused by pituitary dwarfism
  • The neurodegenerative virus that may cause paralysis
  • Dilation of the throat leading to regurgitation and undernourishment

Another common problem the Corgis might be prone to are eye diseases such as;

  • Cataracts
  • Constant pupillary membrane (remnants of a fetal membrane over the eye)
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (a degenerative disease of the retina). 

Where to buy Corgi German Shepherd Mix Puppies from and what platforms to avoid

Ensuring a reputable service of a mix breeder is a hard thing especially when there are adorable puppies swarming pet stores and online platforms.

However, be ware of either of these as puppies bought from these sources might be coming from breeding operations called puppy mills which happen on a very large scale.

Since these puppy mills care about profit-making more than the individual well being of every puppy under their care, the health of your puppy might be under stake in the future.

So what option are you left with? Your answer is a domestic, small-scale breeder whose operations in the facilities are transparent to the end buyer; you.

This way you can observe the living conditions of your puppy, meet its parents to ensure its viability and reassure yourself. It is also equally important to demand test results of breeding stock from the breeder for any potential genetic health conditions.

Currently, in the market, The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals operated which checks veterinary X-rays for both hip and elbow dysplasia along with veterinary eye exams.

They also maintain a database for frequent eye diseases. Degenerative myelopathy and von Willebrand Disease are also taken into consideration for testing.

A few steps to take before beginning your life with your new puppy

After reassuring yourself with the outcome of the health test results, you must look into the contractual agreement and any refund/return policies before agreeing to purchase.

Can you find a Corgi German Shepherd Mix at a rescue organization?

There are multiple organizations that keep databases and update you as soon as they get their hands on the kind of breed you are looking for.

A famous website for finding mixed breed dogs at animal shelters is Petfinder. But be ware; dogs found in shelters, especially adult dogs may have behavioral problems.

If the shelter provides special training, it is always a good idea to pet it after it is trained because it is harder to train this breed once it is past its young training years.

How do you know a German Shepherd Corgi Mix is the right choice for you?

It is easy to fall for this breed because of its look but it takes the right person to go along with its demanding personality.

They require regular grooming which means you need a healthy income to ensure good maintenance. Apart from this, they need a lot of room to exercise which means an apartment might not be an ideal place for them to grow in.

This breed has proved itself as a family dog so if you have newborn or children get lonely at your home. This is the ideal choice for you.

All in all, the German Shepherd Corgi Mix will make an excellent addition to your family.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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