Let’s Meet the Cute and Fierce German Shepherd Lab Mix!

Are you looking to add a German Shepherd Lab Mix to your family?

Here at Just Dog Guide, we believe that a dog is a long-term commitment which is why we feel that you need to do your due research to get yourself a dog breed that meets your lifestyle needs.

The German Shepherd Lab Mix is a result of breeding two of the most popular dog breeds of the world.

This dog has the best qualities of both of its parent breeds along with beautiful and graceful looks.

In this blog post, we will go through everything you need to know about the German Shepherd Lab Mix including dietary needs, medical issues, looks, temperament, personality, etc. to help you determine whether or not this dog breed is the right choice for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Here we go.

A Glance at the German Shepherd Lab Mix’s Breed History

The German Shepherd Lab mix is a designer dog that has two of the most popular dog breeds for parents. With designer dogs, it is crucial to know where they come from so that you can determine their temperament, health, physical characteristics, etc.

All of this helps you understand your dog a little better.

In this section of the blog post, I’ll briefly introduce you to the German Shepherd dog as well as the Labrador Retriever.

German Shepherd

Medium to large-sized German Shepherds are loyal and devoted working dogs.

These dogs are loving towards their family and owner.

You can find German Shepherds in various fields! You can find them working as police dogs, service dogs, military dogs, etc.

This dog breed is one of the most recognized dog breeds in the world and is also among the top ten breeds in the United States. These dogs are extremely active and like to keep busy by engaging in activities, learning new things, etc.

These dogs are outgoing by nature and don’t do well when kept in confined spaces.

In fact, if you spend most of your day away from your German Shepherd and leave him alone at home, he’ll develop negative behaviors such as barking endlessly, digging holes and chewing.

You need to socialize your German Shepherd from an early age so that they can mix up with people and other dogs.

German Shepherds make excellent watchdogs as they’re always wary of strangers.

If you train your German Shepherd from an early age, these dogs can be excellent with kids and other pets.

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The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever comes from the island of Newfoundland which is at the Northeast of Canada’s coast.

Known as St John’s dogs at the time, these dogs were originally bred by fishermen to retrieve fish at work and be faithful companions at home in the 1700s.

In the 19th century, Englishmen got attracted to this dog breed when they visited Canada, and soon, these dogs found their way to England.

Labrador retrievers were adopted by English noblemen for hunting.

The breed gained mass popularity all over England, and people started referring to them as Labradors.

As Labrador Retrievers became more and more popular in England, they started to disappear in their native land—Canada due to tax regulations and laws. This dog breed was introduced in the United States in the 1920s and soon appeared on the list of famous dog breeds.

Since then, Labradors have taken over the world and have been recruited as police dogs, special needs dogs, military dogs, etc.

What makes this dog breed popular all over the world is the fact that these dogs are easy to train, devoted, intelligent, sweet, and love to please their owners.

Labradors are excitable and need to be trained to control their impulses.

German Shepherd Lab Mix: Let’s Talk About Looks!

Let’s Meet the Cute and Fierce German Shepherd Lab Mix!

One of the most frustrating things about owning a designer breed dog is that it is hard to determine which side of the family the dog would take after in terms of looks and personality. In fact, a German Shepherd Lab Mixes’ looks and personality can be like:

  • That of the German Shepherd entirely
  • That of the Labrador entirely
  • A mix of both

In this section of the blog, I’ll go through the killer looks of the German Shepherd Lab Mix dog breed.

Looks Matter: The German Shepherd Lab Mix

When it comes to looks, German Shepherd Lab Mixes come in several shapes and sizes. While some look strikingly similar to German Shepherd, others look like they’re a carbon copy of the Labrador.

In fact, puppies of the same litter can look totally different from each other.

Let’s Talk Size: The Sheprador

Since both the sides of this dog’s family are medium to large in size, it is safe to say that the German Shepherd Lab Mix is a medium to large dog.

  • A female Sheprador will be between 84 lbs to 90 lbs in weight and between 23 to 26 inches in height
  • A male Sheprador will be between 86 lbs to 92 lbs in weight and between 24 to 28 inches in height

The dog has bold looks that you just can’t ignore!

A Quick Look at Different German Shepherd Lab Mix Colors

Wondering what the German Shepherd Lab Mix colors are?

Because of the great genetic diversity, you will find that Pomchis come in various colors and coats. Take a look at some of the different German Shepherd Lab Mix colors:

  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Fawn
  • Cream
  • Sable
  • Black
  • Chocolate

The dog may also be a mixture of the colors mentioned above.

The German Shepherd Lab Mix Coat

As I have mentioned earlier, determining the Sheprador’s looks is a tricky business because it all depends on the genetics.

The coat of the dog depends on which genes are more dominant.

These dogs can have a waterproof, single, double, short, or long coat. Their coats are healthy, soft, and shiny. These dogs will need regular cutting and grooming to look their best.

These dogs tend to shed a lot so, keep the vacuums ready!

Let’s Talk About the Sheprador’s Personality

The Sheprador is a lovable, happy, and protective dog.

These dogs are extremely intelligent and highly trainable. They’re keen to learn new things and catch onto things rather quickly. These dogs are excellent with families and small children.

Intelligent and Bright

These dogs are extremely smart and catch onto things rather easily.

You can’t say the words ‘walk,’ ‘treat,’ ‘outside’,  etc. without getting them excited and wag their tails like there’s no tomorrow! The Sheprador learns things rather quickly which makes the dog easier to train.

Family Pets

The German Shepherd Lab Mix makes an excellent family pet which is something that the dog gets from the Labrador side of the family. This breed does well with other dogs, children, and people if socialized well.

Just like the German Shepherd, a Sheprador may choose one member of the household as his ‘person.’

Easy to Train

Some studies have suggested that designer breed dogs are easier to train than purebreds.

The Sheprador is really easy to train because the breed is highly intelligent and bright. However, these dogs do get bored and distracted quite easily which is why we recommend you have short sessions.


German Shepherd Lab Mixes are loving and affectionate dogs that love and crave your affection. These dogs enjoy spending lazy days cuddled up with the people they love and are friendly in nature.


German Shepherd Lab Mixes dogs are protective of their families and would do just about anything to keep their loved ones safe—even if it means putting themselves in the path of danger! These dogs are quite expressive and let you know how they are feeling.

German Shepherd Lab Mix: Grooming, Health, and More

There’s more to owning a dog than just the price that you pay to the kennel to purchase your pup!

Dogs are a long-term investment and, as the owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your furry friend. In this section of the blog post, I will go through some of the German Shepherd Lab Mixes’ maintenance needs.

Let’s begin.

Exercise Requirements and the German Shepherd Lab Mix

Let’s Meet the Cute and Fierce German Shepherd Lab Mix!

These dogs love going on long walks, playing, etc.

However, since these dogs are large in size, they don’t do too well in smaller spaces and need a bigger house that meets all of their activity needs.

They won’t be happy in a small apartment.

Since the German Shepherd Lab mix has the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd for parents, these dogs have high activity needs. They’ll be more than willing to accompany you on long walks, treks, etc.

These dogs love exploring new places and love to play with their owners.

You will have to take your dog for at least one long walk per day. This breed will also be happy to accompany you to all the other outdoor adventures that you may have planned.

Let’s Take a Look at Grooming Your German Shepherd Lab Mix

One of the best things about having a German Shepherd Lab Mix is that they’re moderate maintenance when it comes to grooming.

These dogs have a medium to long coat which means that you need to stay on top of grooming. You should brush your German Shepherd Lab Mix at least three times a week. Here are some dog brushes that I recommend:

Nails Trimming!

Your German Shepherd Lab Mix can grow really sharp nails that can hurt you which is why it is important that you cut your doggy’s nails.

You should trim your dog’s nails once every two weeks. Long nails tend to split easily and can be quite hurtful for your dog as well. I recommend that you use a sharp nail cutter which provides accurate and safe trimming.

I’ve been loving the Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel for my furry friend.

Brushing Your Beagle Lab Mix Teeth

Did you know that 80% of dogs over the age of 4 have some form of dental disease?

German Shepherd Lab Mixes are prone to getting dental problems which is why maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene should be your priority. You should brush your dog’s teeth at least twice per week to ensure that those pearly whites are squeaky clean.

Dental toys are also a top choice.

I recommend the following dental hygiene products for the Beagle Lab Mix Dog Breed:

You should start brushing your dog’s teeth from an early age as it makes the process easier for you and your furry friend.

Shampooing Your German Shepherd Lab Mix

How can we discuss grooming needs and not talk about shampoo and conditioner!?

You should wash your German Shepherd Lab Mix as an when needed. Usually, we recommend you wash your dog every three to five weeks. If your dog decided to play in the mud, you’d have to wash him sooner.

Here are some dog shampoos that we recommend:

German Shepherd Lab Mix: Health Issues

Did you know that designer breed dogs are generally healthier than purebred ones?  

This is because hybrid dogs have a greater genetic variation which makes them resistant to certain genetic diseases. German Shepherd Lab Mixes are healthy dogs and active little dogs.

However, they are prone to getting certain diseases that are associated with their parent breeds. These include problems such as:

  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Panosteitis
  • Eye problems
  • Bloating
  • Pancreatic Acinar Atrophy
  • Obesity
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Haemophilia
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Skin problems
  • Eye diseases
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia

We recommend you take your dog to the vet at regular intervals and check for symptoms to ensure that your German Shepherd Mix is healthy and happy.

Life Expectancy of the Beagle Lab Mix

German Shepherd Lab Mixes have an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. This, of course, depends on your dog’s diet and lifestyle.

Feeding Your Sheprador the Right Way: Let’s Talk About Food

Shepradors are medium to large size active dogs that need a large number of calories throughout the day to keep up with the constant demand for energy.

However, most novice dog owners don’t understand just how much food they should give to their furry friend.

Most German Shepherd Mixes that I’ve come across are either overweight or underweight which is why it is essential to know the number of calories you should feed your dog during the day to ensure that you meet all of your dog’s dietary needs.

So, how can you ensure that?

Let’s Take a Look at the Calories

As I’ve mentioned before, you should provide your dog with the right amount of food he needs to ensure that he maintains a healthy weight and is neither too thin nor too fat.

There are a few things to keep in mind when determining the number of calories your dog needs per day:

  • The size of the dog
  • Current weight
  • Ideal weight
  • Exercise needs
  • Medical issues

The best way to figure out the number of calories your dog needs is to ask your vet as they’re the expert in the situation.

Even if you have multiple German Shepherd Lab Mixes, you shouldn’t assume that what works for one dog may work for the other. Generally, adult Shepradors need 30 kcals per pound of body weight to maintain their weight.

We recommend you use the following dog foods for this German Shepherd mix as they meet your dog’s nutritional needs:

Summing Up: Let’s Meet the Cute and Fierce German Shepherd Lab Mix

The German Shepherd Lab Mix is a loyal, loving, intelligent, and playful doggy.

These dogs get along well with other pets as well as children which makes them excellent family dogs. They love to be around people and please anyone and everyone. They should be socialized at an early age to open up to people.

Being a mixed breed, Shepradors are quite healthy.

These dogs do have high activity needs but, are virtually low-maintenance needs—except for when shedding season arrives! These dogs are an excellent choice if you live an active lifestyle.

If you still have any unanswered questions, leave them in the comments! We’ll do our best to address them!

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