The ultimate guide on Long Haired German Shepherd

How often do you come across a Long Haired German Shepherd? Not very often do you?

For good reason too; this is because the Long Haired German Shepherds are rare breeds and are actually a product of a genetic mutation, a fault in the gene formation.

It is an uncommon occurrence, so much so that two short haired German Shepherd who has this DNA can produce a Long-haired Shepherd.

The occurrence of this breed might be a fault in the genes but nature has never been so right while being wrong. This is because dog owners who go for German Shepherds are mostly all lovers of a thick fluffy mass of hair.

The massive coat serves as a covering and a shield from unfavorable weather conditions as well as for internal temperature regulation.

German Shepherds come in a wide variety of colors, from the white king Shepherd to the regular dual colored canine.

Advocacy for Long Haired German Shepherd

The plush coat German Shepherd is so unique and varies greatly from the regular types of German Shepherd in looks and color. This interesting look inspired German Shepherd fans to advocate for the acceptance of this new breed as a certified German Shepherd type.

This plea was made so that the Long-haired GS can fully participate in regional canine competitions.

The Long-haired GS is still a German Shepherd; the difference is only based on appearance.

The Long-haired GS possesses equal levels of intelligence, working capacity, strength, and loyalty that the regular German Shepherd possesses.

How do Long Haired German Shepherds look?

Beneath the thick mass of hair, the Long Haired German Shepherd looks exactly the same as the regular breed; same body structure and facial features.

The males grow to an average height of 24-26 inches while females grow to 22-24 inches.

There is also no significant difference in the Long Haired German Shepherd weight compared to the regular; the males weigh 66-88 pounds while females can weigh an average of 51-73 pounds.

Anyone would look at the large mass of coat covering that the Long-haired GS possesses.

They are well protected from harsh weather conditions, but as the case may be, the thick, beautiful and shiny coat doesn’t provide as much protection from the weather. This makes the Long-haired GS less of a hunter-dog compared to the regular.

Long Haired German Shepherd Temperament

German Shepherd lovers would be amazed to learn that this hairy beast isn’t just gorgeous to look at, but also very accommodating.

The Long-haired GS has a big heart and a much better temperament than the regular GS even though the regular already had a great temperament.

The level of enthusiasm that the Long-haired GS exudes is simply unbelievable.

As a naturally energetic and extremely intelligent dog, the Long-haired GS applies canine strength and wisdom in its daily activities.

They are highly trainable and learn very fast. Their friendly and playful nature makes them pretty easy to understand and to please.

The Long-haired GS is the true definition of man’s best friend. The reason is that they love to stay in close contact with their owners; they will never let you out of their site.

They are also more organized and less chaotic indoors as some other hyperactive dogs. Once you provide them with enough exercise they will be perfect as indoor dogs.

One great characteristic with the hairy breed is that they are family friendly. They love the care and attention of a large family.

They make excellent playmates for kids are also play the defensive role pretty well as they are very brave and protective of family members.

Like the regular German Shepherd, the Long-haired breed can be trained as guard dogs as well and used in the military.

They are smart, quick, and extremely clever; just the right combination of qualities to take on big missions in the force.

German Shepherd breed and Colors

German Shepherd pure breeds can be a bit confusing sometimes. There are so many variations in size, looks, and color that you may begin to wonder what dog species they could be.

The king Shepherd (USA origin) is a giant breed of the German Shepherd with way more coat covering and can come in a variety of colors.

A most curious breed is the white king Shepherd which is also a genetic malfunction but has become a popular breed in recent times after its acceptance by the Kennel Club.

German Shepherd long hair black color breeds are becoming more popular due to their noticeable difference in coat size, their generally less aggressive nature, extreme strength, and loyalty.

The German Shepherd long hair white color may look like a different breed especially with extremely long hair or a different facial structure but they are all Shepherd with recessive genes that change the coloration of the coat.

The discovery of the German Shepherd white in the 19th century opened doors to new variations of the German Shepherd breed.

Now there is a myriad of German Shepherd breeds in the world, from Long Haired German Shepherds to short haired ones.

The various German Shepherd colors are black with tan, back with white patches, black sable, sable, grey with dark tan stripes, Zonar-red, Zonar-grey, and blue, white, and liver color.

German Shepherd Facts

You may think you know everything about German Shepherds but there is always something new to learn. Let’s walk you through some interesting facts about German Shepherds that you didn’t know.

Why are they called German Shepherd Dog?

The “German” represents their origin; “Shepherd” refers to their efficiency as caretakers are guiders of flocks of sheep in the old days, while “dog” was added as a full name to differentiate canines from the German Shepherds who were human.

German Shepherds have powerful bites

Have you ever been bitten by perhaps your little sister? Hurts doesn’t it? The highest pressure of human bite is 86 pounds. As you can guess, you don’t want to be bitten by a German Shepherd as their bites are 238 pounds on the average.

This is no wonder that the military uses them to not only sniff out narcotics but to bring down getaways.

How long do German Shepherds live?

The average lifespan of a German Shepherd is about 10 years. This is why you should go for German Shepherd pups if you intend to get one at all.

High profile

The German Shepherd breed is the 2nd most popular dogs in America; this is owed to their diversity, intelligence and ability to blend anywhere. They are great house pets, military dogs, performance and show dogs, as well as guard dogs! What can’t this canine do?

Dominant and protective

A German Shepherd is constantly aware of its environment, it is highly protective of its owner and the family, it is a natural caretaker and doesn’t waste any time imposing its dominance around strangers or other dogs.

Hero dogs

The defiance, fearlessness and heroism characteristics of the Shepherd are amazing. A German Shepherd named “Filax of Lewanno” was honored for his bravery in World War 1. Filax rescued 54 wounded soldiers to safety.

Perfect guide

The intelligence and sensitivity of the German Shepherd make them the best Seeing Eye dogs for the visually challenged. They are the most recommended breed and are specially trained for a directional guide.

Color variety

The American kennel club recognizes eleven colors for the German Shepherd breed. Most breeds are bi-colored while some can have as many as 4 colors at once.

Health of the Long Haired German Shepherded

When it comes to health and physical well-being, the Long-haired GS is nothing different from the standard German Shepherd.

They are vulnerable to the same genetic issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia as well as other common diseases such as epilepsy, eczema, and digestive problems and others.

The average lifespan of a Long-haired GS can range from 9-13 years. Although there are a lot of factors affecting the longevity of your dog from exercises to nutrition, hygiene and lots of other factors. Ensure that you visit the vet as often as possible in order to discover possible illnesses before they escalate.

Exercise Needs

Exercises are highly essential for this breed as they are highly energetic and require certain amounts of turn up time.

You may find that keeping an energetic dog inside an apartment may not be the best idea especially if they don’t go out to get some exercise. They tend to become destructive especially when untrained.

If you are the busy type, you may need a babysitter for your dog. The most important thing is that your dog requires a lot of exercise in order to evade health issues that often come with age.

If you are not sure how to engage your dog or get it to exercise by itself without you having to walk it around the park or throw Frisbees, then you can simply go for one of those intelligent toys that keep dogs occupied for hours.

These toys challenge then by providing a rewarding task and your dog does its best to decipher the mechanism of the toy. This would greatly improve the thought process and intelligence of your dog.

Exercises are absolutely necessary, ideally once or twice a day, depending on how much time you have.

Grooming your Long Haired German Shepherd

It is needless to say that the Long-haired GS is a high maintenance breed owing to the massive coat covering.

Shedding is always quite a tasking period. Dog owners have to bathe them, brush and trim them to keep the fur from tangling or falling off on their own and littering the house.

The reason for proper trimming and combing is that dirt’s and debris often find a way to stick to the fur coat, creating an untidy look.

A proper grooming should include bathing, hair and fingernail trimming, and ear de-waxing.

Is the longhaired German Shepherd good for you?

Now you are informed on what makes the Long Haired German Shepherd such a great dog.

The next step is to re-evaluate, to know if this dog is a perfect fit for you and your family.

This would depend greatly on the amount of time you are prepared to dedicate to your dog, as they are very demanding of time, attention, grooming and every other thing.

We highly recommend this friendly and loyal breed for you and your family.

Do you already own a Long Haired German Shepherd? Let’s hear your experience.

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