Everything you need to know about the Pitbull Lab Mix

The designer dog breed known as the Pitbull Lab Mix is one of the most enigmatic breeds of all time it goes by the name Labrabull or Pitador! Pairing both genes from highly proactive canines comes with its perks. This guide will teach you all you need to know about the Pitbull Lab Mix.

Mixed breeds are simply the best, aren’t they?

You can take two awesome great-personality dogs and breed them to get an even fancier one!

Imagine the beauty of the Labrador, its robust coat and its fiery energy paired with the canine masculinity of the Pitbull and its highly intimidating but absolutely majestic form. What you get is a designer mix that goes by the name of Pitador (kinda sounds British) and Labrabull.

It’s such a fascinating pet to have around. However, before you race off to get your Pitbull Lab Mix puppy, let’s take some time to understand how this mixed breed actually functions, its temperament, health condition and what makes it such a great dog to have.

Pitbull and Labrador

The Pitador is a rather curious and unpredictable breed. This mix is spawned from a Labrador retriever and a Pitbull Terrier.

Both dogs being very different in every way, from personality to physical appearance, it is difficult to know what you will get. The upside to the mixed breed is that they are known to pick up all the best qualities of their parents and this gives them a survival edge.

Both Pitbull and Labs have ancestral variances which have contributed to their looks, energy, level and relationship with people.

Origin of the Pitbull Lab Mix

Every mixed breed has an origin, a parental history that determines its personality. Let us take a look at each parent to better understand the nature of this breed.

Labradors Retrievers

The history of the Retriever dates back to England in the 1800s. The labs were popular for their hunting skill and their abilities to catch fish since they were also great swimmers and had a fur coat that could blow-dry quite fast.

Since their ancestors were great hunters and were tasked to retrieve every shot animal, this made the lab a dedicated and loyal hunting partner.

American Pitbull

Pitbulls have always been the very masculine-type dogs and their ancestry can be traced to old Britain where there were used in all kinds of bloodsport.

These made them naturally aggressive and battle ready at all times. It became a trait that has been passed down through generations even though the bloodsport practice had been banned.

The Pitbull is a cross between an old English bulldog and old English terrier. Most people love Pitbulls, however, their ancestral borne firmness, dominant behavior and their over exerting play bites require a bit of caution especially for kids. This can be controlled with the right kind of training.

What does a Pitbull Lab Mix look like?

In many cases, hybrid dogs take 50% of their characteristics from both parents and this often results in a well- balanced, well-rounded personality, physical attribute, and health status. This may not always be the case as some puppies may take after the genes of a particular parent even more while the genes of the later parent becomes recessive.

Most Pitadors have short coats and are not so big on shedding. Height can range from 43-63.5 cm while weight could cover 30-80 pounds.

The heavy muscles and the confident look are traits of the Pitbull mostly, while the friendly, affectionate, fun loving and warm character is a Labrador trait.

As far as colors go, a Pitbull Lab Mix will take on the color of either of its parents or a perfect blend of both.

Labrador purebreds are usually consistent with the black, yellow and brown colors while the American Pitbull terrier has a wider range of colors such as yellow, white, grey, brown, black, blue, or a combination of any of these colors.

One uncommon color pattern is the Pitbull Lab Mix Brindle; this color pattern comes with striped patches around the body, this color would blend perfectly in the woods so you may have a bit of a problem finding an absolutely still dog in the woods. A Pitbull Yellow Lab Mix is a fun color breed to have depending on your color preferences in a pet.

Pitbull Lab Mix temperament

The temperament of every crossbreed is always a cluster of the various spices that make up that of the parent. To fully understand the personality of the Pitbull Lab Mix we would have to take a brief look at parental traits.

The friendly Labs

Labradors are very homely, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, loyal and complete goofballs. They are as smart as they are mischievous.

Their retrieving nature precedes them as they can be extremely curious and love to explore. If you live in a fenced yard that has a few spaces in between the fences you may need to secure those open spaces as these playful hybrids are known escapists.

They can burrow through fences just to see what is at the other side.

Labs are also great for outdoor activities; they are highly competitive and can be trained to do just about anything.

Children love Labradors as they provide the right amount of entertainment daily.

However, they should not be left alone inside the house as they tend to be prettily destructive when they are bored.

The Macho Pitbull

A lot of people are of the impression that Pitbulls are extremely aggressive and dangerous. Even the media often portrays the Pitbull as a deadly guard dog that has a lot of triggers, giving the canine a somewhat anti-social and bad reputation.

This is not completely true. The UK kennel club has affirmed that the Pitbull is a very gentle and friendly dog. They make excellent companions and are always ready to follow commands to the letter.

A major concern about Pitbulls is their tendency to bite as well as the level of damage their bites could cause.

According to a study on canine accidents, in 200 dog bites over a period of time, Pitbulls are responsible for 30 and they have one of the most lethal bites in the canine world.

In conclusion, Pitbulls are friendly and loyal. However, they can be extremely territorial and often find it difficult to share spaces.

Genetic traits are a major reason for their intensity but they can be trained to be more social, and tolerant as well as obedient.

Labrador and Pitbull mix

Having understood the personalities of the parent breed, it is imperative that you also understand that hybrids are more or less like their parent and can possess dominant and recessive traits. In most cases the Pitbull Lab Mixes are people-dogs.

They are friendly, and extremely intelligent. They only need to be engaged constantly to enable them to burn out the excess energy and to encourage a healthy social life for them.

Keeping them inside the house for an extended period of time can make them develop an aggressive anti-social behavior.

Pitbull Lab Mix training

An extensive training is required for every home bred dog and even more so for mix breeds with high energy level and the tendency to be anti-social.

A lot of people shy away from the training process and just want a cute puppy that would grow into a lifelong friend but it doesn’t quite work that way. In plain terms ‘if you are an extremely busy person and do not have the time to train dogs, do not get one!’

Your mixed breed should be exposed to people from a very early stage so as to ensure that their territorial traits do not heighten. Taking your dog wherever you go allows them to meet faces and understand road routes especially from a very young age.

Training a Pitbull Lab Mix will be hard work when they begin to mature. This is true because they begin to show independence and some level of dominance.

Your job is to keep its attitude in check; find certified trainers or training materials that would teach you how to take charge of training and in no time your dog would be doing basic tricks. Also, remember to reward them with a snack for every trick executed properly.


Did you know that frequent exercises are a very important part of your dog’s health?

When a dog spends too much time trapped in a small space, which could be an apartment, they become restless. Walks to the park or to the grocery shop will allow your dog to get much-needed exercise as well as improve its social skills.

Owning a Pitbull Lab Mix can improve your own personal health as you would have a workout partner that encourages you to exercise frequently.

People often ask, how much exercise does my dog need in a day, week, or month and how can it be measured? There is no specific way to measure this; however, you can ensure that your dog gets a frequent energy burnout time as often as possible, ideally, twice a day, depending on your schedule.

It’s usually easier if you live in a fenced area with lots of space and intelligent dog toys to give your pet the space to run around and play, also to improve intellect and problem solving abilities by providing intelligent toys for dogs. This would challenge them and keep them busy for hours.


As far as grooming goes, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The hybrid requires low-maintenance as its coat is short and easy to take care of. The Pitador has a fine, smooth coat which doesn’t require a lot of washing or trimming, except on shedding season.

Let’s not forget that Labradors are high maintenance pets during shedding season and require a lot of attention.

Your mixed puppy may take after its Lab parent. If this happens, there is no need for panic. Simply get your pup groomed often so that it becomes used to the tradition, this will make your job a lot easier.

There are tons of dog grooming kits in the market today which are versatile and makes grooming an actual bonding time for you and your pet.


A balanced diet keeps your dog looking robust and well fed. “A happy dog is a well-fed dog”. In the old days, people usually go to the butchers’ shop (they still do) to get bones and various other meet parts their dogs, this was long before kibble.

Today there are a wide variety of already packaged food types for dogs, which contain all the protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins that they require.

How often you feed your Pitador is entirely up to you but lots of food must go hand in hand with lots of exercises to avoid adding excess weight that might pose health problems in the future.

Health and life expectancy

If you feed your Labrador Pitbull mix well and ensure they get lots of exercises, as well as required vaccinations, they are likely to live reasonably long lives.

Although, there are genetic health issues that may be predominant for the parent breed, and your pet may be vulnerable to this illness as well especially at old age.

Before purchasing your pup from a certified breeder, find out all you can on the health conditions of the parent. A comprehensive data on the parent would inform you better on the possible diseases that your hybrid could be exposed to;

  • Avoid pups with genetic issues of skin problems
  • Avoid outdated DNA tests for PRA blindness
  • Ask for evidence of fitness and joint score for both parent

Ensure that the breeder is certified and the dogs are living in healthy conditions before taking the leap. The average life expectancy for a Pitbull Labrador mix is 13 years.

Family pet or not?

Pitadors thrive best with families, the bigger the family the better. They are happiest when they are surrounded by a lot of people to show them care, love, and attention.

Ensure that your dog is under constant surveillance when you have drooling toddlers around. This is just a preventive measure since they are animals after all and should be monitored.

Is the Pitbull Labrador Mix a good match for me?

There are a million reasons why the Pitbull Labrador mix is a good match for you; some great reasons are as follows;

  • Very loyal and protective of their owners, so suitable for being guard dogs
  • Low maintenance and require less grooming
  • Highly intelligent and can easily be trained to follow commands
  • Highly energetic, friendly, and great for kids,

If you have been searching for a work out partner to accompany you on runs, then you just found the answer to your questions.

The Pitbull Labrador mix is a very intelligent breed and can be a bit too enthusiastic or tend to bite a little but you can provide your dog with the right training to create restrictions.

Do you own a Pitbull Labrador mix? Have you seen a Pitbull Lab Mix brindle lately?

Share your experience with us below.

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