All You Need to Know About the Red Nose Pitbull

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The Red Nose Pitbull is actually a variation of the American Pitbull Terrier and is not a distinct breed. These dogs were bred to work in farms and the Red Nose variety is quite popular because it is rare.

Pitbulls have a bad name because these adorable dogs have a bloody history.

In fact, some dog-friendly beaches and hotels don’t allow Pitbulls on their premises because the breed has such a lot of negative publicity surrounding it. It is a sad fact that these dogs are often thought to be aggressive!

In this blog post, we will go through everything that you need to know about the cute and adorable Red Nose Pitbull so that you can determine whether or not this breed is the right pick for you.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in, shall we?

So, What Exactly Is the Red Nose Pitbull?

As I’ve mentioned above, the Red nose Pitbull Terrier is actually an extremely popular—yet rare—variation of the American Pitbull Terrier.

However, did you know that your average Pitbull may be registered under two names?

The difference in names is mainly due to the kennel clubs.

  • The American Kennel Club calls these dogs American Staffordshire Terriers
  • The United Kennel Club calls these dogs American Pitbull Terriers

While these dog breeds do have separate breed registrations, these dogs come from the same line and genetic heritage so, you can think of them as the same breed.

This means that the American Pitbull Terriers as well as the American Staffordshire Terriers can be called Pitbulls.

These breeds find their origins in the United Kingdom and have descended from similar dogs—the English Pitbulls. This dog breed has been now outlawed in the United Kingdom thanks to the 1991 dangerous dogs act.

The decision to outlaw the breed was made because the dogs had a reputation to be dangerous and also because they were used in dog fighting rings.

But, these blood sports were outlawed a long time ago, right?

Yes, it is true that sports such as bull baiting were outlawed a long time ago and have completely died down since. However, dogfights, although illegal still take place underground which is why the UK outlawed these dogs altogether.

Breed Origins: Red Nose Pitbull Edition

All You Need to Know About the Red Nose Pitbull

Red Nose Pitbulls are sturdy yet powerful little doggies with a gigantic mouth and a large wide head.

However, the nose is probably what gives these dogs away.

These dogs have Red Noses which makes them easily identifiable since birth. These dogs are popular because of the ‘old family Red Nose Pitbull’ idea.

So, there’s a story that goes with the breed.

According to people, Red Nosed Pitbulls have traits similar to the old family strain of the dog breed which was first  imported to the United States. This ancient family strain is said to have originated in Ireland.

These dogs were one of the best fighting dogs!

So, these dogs have gained popularity because they are believed to be closer to old family origins which is believed to be better.

However, I want to once again clear the confusion and tell you that Red Nose American Pitbulls are not a distinct breed on their own.

A Little About the Sought-After Old Family Pitbulls

So, since people somehow believe that the old family Pitbulls are better, let’s take a closer look at them, shall we?

The original old family Pitbulls had a red fur however, you can come across a white red-nosed Pitbull as well due to genetic variation. These dogs were quite popular because they had the sought-after attribute of gameness.  

We’ll get into that a little later.

The Red Nose Pitbull Terrier goes like this.

These dogs were historically used in England for bear and bull baiting. The Irish people took an interest in dogs with red/copper tones and decided to cross-breed them.

The result was dogs with Red Noses which found their way into the States, like the rest of the Pits.

The Red Nose in modern Pitbulls is a highlighted marker of genetics. However, experts believe that this color variation doesn’t have much effect on the dog. It can be possible that a dog may have a member of the old family red strain in its ancestry if he has a Red Nose.

However, there is no evidence to support that having a Red Nose makes the dog superior in any way.

How Does He Look Like?: Physical Traits of the Red Nose Pitbull

So, what does the Red Nose Pitbull look like?

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog post, these dogs aren’t a distinct or separate dog breed. They’re just a variation of the American Pitbull Terrier.

So, you shouldn’t be too shocked to find out that they look like an average Pitbull Terrier. These dogs are muscular and stocky.

  • Female Red Nose Pitbulls are about 17-20” in height and weigh between 30 to 50 lbs
  • Male Red Nose Pitbulls are taller at up to 21” in height and weigh a bit more at up to 60 lbs

These dogs are classified as medium-sized and have a lot of energy!

Red nose Pitbulls do their name a justice because the dog is usually red in color and you can identify the doggy since puppyhood.

These dogs have dominant copper/red/brown tones to their eyes, toenails, fur, and nose.

Since the Red Noses are a rare coloring, these dogs are more expensive to buy. In fact, you can expect to buy a Red Nose Pitbull puppy with a price tag that ranges between $500-$2000.

However, this isn’t as steep as it gets!

There have been a few Red Nose Pitbull puppies that have been sold for as much as $11,000!

If you’re looking to buy a puppy, you should always choose a reputable breeder who breeds the dogs for temperament and health—not to just earn a quick buck.

One thing that you should note is that Red nose Pitbulls aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club because these dogs have a bloody past (no pun intended).

The fact that these dogs are also banned in some municipalities in the US as well as some countries also contributes to the breed not getting an official recognition.

Grooming Your Red Nose Pitbull

One of the best things about owning a Red Nose Pitbull is the fact that they’re pretty low-maintenance when it comes to grooming.

All you need to do is to brush your dog on a regular basis—between two to three times a week and you’re pretty much done. These dogs have a smooth and short coat which sheds twice annually as the seasons change.

So, this keeps you stress-free for most of the year.

One thing that you do need to keep an eye on are your doggy friend’s teeth, ears, and eyes as they’re prone to getting infections.

Ideally, you should start brushing your dog’s teeth when he’s just a little pup so that things don’t have a chance of going South. We recommend the Arm & Hammer Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set to brush your dog’s teeth and keep those pearly white safe from periodontal disease.

Grinding your dog’s nails and filing them at a young age also ensures that your furry friend will look groomed. For this, we have found the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder to be an excellent choice.

Don’t take grooming your dog for granted.

Regular grooming ensures that your dog is clean and tidy most of the time and it prevents him from getting diseases and infections. The DakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair & Cat Hair Shedding Tool has been the best that we’ve come across by far. You can also try out:

Also, it is an excellent way to control shedding around the house.

That’s basically a win-win, right?

Cute Dog With a Nice Personality

When you’re looking for a dog, it is essential that you get one who compliments your personality.

In this section of the blog post, we will go through the temperament and personality of the Red Nose Pitbull doggy to ensure that he’s the right fit for you and your family.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Active Doggies

Red Nose Pitbulls have high activity needs.

This is something that you need to know before you commit to getting a Pitbull in your family.

Pitbulls do best with owners that live a fit and active lifestyle. These dogs need that house with a big yard to play in. These little bundles of joy do best with owners who like to go hiking, trekking, and on runs.

Keep in mind that if you don’t meet this dog’s activity needs, he’ll develop destructive and potentially dangerous habits like chewing, digging holes, aggression, etc.

These dogs are full of energy and they need a positive channel or outlet for it.

Apartments and condos aren’t the best places to keep your Pitbull in because they’re large dogs and don’t really do well with small or confined spaces. In fact, these dogs have been compared to the ‘bull in a China shop” to convey just how bad they are for small spaces.

Moving on.

Highly Trainable

Modern Pitbulls are actually bred to be companion dogs.

So, this means that these dogs are highly trainable and an intelligent breed.

Ideally, you should start training your Red Nose Pitbull when he’s just a puppy. Keep in mind to handle your dog in a calm yet assertive manner as these dogs don’t generally respond well to harsh tones.

Keep in mind that you should never hit your Red Nose Pitbull.

This can damage your relationship with your dog and make him aggressive in the future.

It is best to train your furry friend in short sessions as this breed has a short attention span which means that they get uninterested quickly when doing the same task.

Yes, even if rewards are involved!

So you need to have loads of patience when you’re looking to train a Pitbull, anyway.

There’s another thing, though.

There are some cases when the Red Nose Pitbull is fully trained and knows all of his commands but, still tries to project dominance by testing their boundaries as they get older.

If you ever come across a situation like this, you should handle such things with calm assertion as you do with a teenager.

If you have kids, you should socialize your Pitbull puppy with the children early on to ensure that the two bond nicely. It is important for the dog to start accepting all kids as welcome guests.

Friendly Companions

Most people believe that American Pitbull Terriers are vicious guard dogs.

That is far from the truth.

These dogs do look scary and intimidating at first which is an excellent deterrent to scare off potential intruders. However, these dogs are extremely friendly and, in some cases, they’re too outgoing.

With their master and family, all these dogs want is love and attention. They’re extremely adorable and funny little dogs with a zest for life.

Excellent Communicators

One of the best things about the Red Nose Pitbull is that these dogs are excellent communicators and tell you exactly how they’re feeling at a given point in time.

These dogs use various sounds and facial expressions to tell you how they’re feeling.

If you pay close attention to your dog, you’ll know how he’s feeling at a particular point in the day because of his body language.

Red Nose Pitbulls and Health: A Quick Peek

All You Need to Know About the Red Nose Pitbull

Generally, Red Nose Pitbulls are a healthy breed and aren’t prone to many health conditions or disorders.

However, like with all dog breeds, the Red Nose American Pitbull Terriers are prone to certain health conditions. That being said, please keep in mind that not all Pitbulls will get the following diseases.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

– Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine Hip Dysplasia is a common condition in large dog breeds. This is mainly caused due to the malformation of the hip joint ball and socket which can be extremely painful for the dog.

There is no cure for canine hip dysplasia which is why dogs that are going to be bred should have x-rays done to ensure that they don’t carry this condition.

– Allergies

Allergic reactions or allergies are quite common with Red Nose Pitbulls. These can be skin allergies as well as food allergies.

  • Environmental allergens such as fleas, pollen, grass, and dust which usually cause skin allergies
  • Food allergens which are less common but include rice, wheat, beef, and corn and can cause allergies such as intense itching and discomfort

Having allergies can significantly reduce your dog’s quality of life.

That’s not all, though.

Since your dog can’t really communicate to you how he feels in simple words, he may start acting out and may dig and chew sometimes till he bleeds!

This isn’t the best for your dog as it can cause secondary infections and may even lead to the formation of damaged tissue.

That’s hard, right?

To nip things in the bud and treat the allergies, you should first identify the allergen and remove it from your doggy friend’s environment. This is something the vet can help you with as well.

He may also prescribe your dog with medication which help control the symptoms of allergies with medication.

– Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is caused when your dog’s thyroid gland doesn’t function properly and causes symptoms such as poor coat, weight gain, reproductive problems, etc. This is one issue that’s common in middle-aged Red Nose Pitbulls.

The silver lining is that you can control this condition with daily medication which continues throughout your dog’s life.

– Heart Disease

Heart disease is quite common in dogs, regardless of the breed.

In Red Nose Pitbulls, you can find various forms of heart diseases with the most common one being aortic stenosis. This congenital heart defect is something that your puppy is born with and has to suffer from for the rest of his life.

Aortic stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the connection between the aorta and the left ventricle.

Some Red Nose Pitbulls may not show any signs of this defect or have minor signs. Commonly, dogs with this condition have a little energy and die suddenly.

This condition is diagnosed through an electrocardiogram a chest x-ray.

Conclusion: All You Need to Know About the Red Nose Pitbull

Did you find out all you wanted to about the Red Nose Pitbull?  

The Red Nose Pitbull is actually a variation of the American Pitbull Terrier and is not a distinct breed. These dogs were bred to work on farms, and the Red Nose variety is quite popular because it’s rare.

Red-nosed Pitbulls have traits similar to the old family strain of the dog breed which was first imported to the United States.

This ancient family strain is said to have originated in Ireland.

However, these dogs have personality traits and the physiology of the American Pitbull Terrier. Red nose Pitbulls make excellent companions and need a firm yet loving trainer to thrive.

Do you have questions about Red Nose Pitbulls? Leave them in the comments, and we’ll reply as soon as we can!

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