An introduction to the enigmatic White Pitbull – what makes them so special

Where do White Pitbull come from?

Often times color variation in canines can make them seem like a different breed. The key to confirming a particular breed lies in its structure and personality.

To answer the question, White Pitbulls are simply a variation of your regular American Pitbull terrier.

White Pitties are highly sought after because of its rare and peculiar coloring and gorgeous looks. Some other color variations may include blue, black, red, and brindle. These are equally rare coat colors and are absolutely magnificent to behold.

So what’s the story behind the White Pitbull breed? Let’s find out, shall we?

Origin of the White Pitbull

Firstly, it is important to note that Pitbulls are not just one breed but a variety of similar breeds.

These similar breeds include the American Bulldog, American Bully Pit, American Pitbull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers.

The history of the White Pitbull dates back to 1700s and became popular in the 1800s. In those days they were used for bloodsports such as bull baiting and bear bathing which was gruesome to watch.

These practices were banned years later and a different kind of activity began, Pitbulls were trained to fight themselves as a sport. This breed was known for its daunting masculine form and viciousness.

The Bulldogs are very muscular and terrifying while terriers such as the White Pitbull Terrier are smart nimble with a great personality. For this reason, Terriers and the Bulldog were often crossbred to achieve the best features.

Gene variation

The Pitbulls are a collection of various similar breeds with a wide variety of color differences ranging from their coats to eye color.

Genetic lines, either dominant or recessive, are largely responsible for whatever physical features you find in a Pitbull, such as a White Pitbull with blue eyes, red nose, or even yellow eyes.

Moo Moo Pitbulls are one of the most popular breeds, they are white in color with black spots, or brindle patches, or brown patches.

Their appearance resembles that of a cow with patches of colors – are you still wondering where the name “Moo Moo” came from? Now you are catching on!

What are the features of a White Pitbull?

Good old muscular Pitbulls! They are usually the center of attention with their intimidating looks and a daunting expression on their faces.

Female pitties can weigh between 35 to 50 lbs while the males buff up at 40 to 60 lbs with an average general width of 18-24 inches from shoulder to shoulder.

The short glossy white coat is a signatory of its most dominant gene.It may have variations of color mixes with white being the widest spread color.

Eye color variations include; brown, sable, black, blue, chocolate, red, and multicolor.

Personality of the White Pitbull

It is no news that people greatly fear the Pitbull breed. They are considered aggressive, dangerous, unpredictable, short-tempered.

They have been tagged with so many names, as well as portrayed in the media as a no-nonsense breed, always ready to rip an intruder to shreds on an invasion of space. These stories are not exactly credible.

The truth about Pitbulls is that they are warm, friendly, loyal, stable-tempered, and are great with kids.

They do have a dark side that is probably genetic and this refers to their being overly protective of their owners and being highly territorial. “Pitbulls just can’t with strangers

The best way to get your dog to behave is to introduce them to the outside world. Allow them to socialize; take them for walks, runs, and other forms of outdoor activities. When they become used to meeting strangers on a daily basis they are less likely to throw a fit when they see a new face around the house.

Training your White Pitbull

A well-rounded training involves exercise, grooming, teaching commands, and feeding; the training begins once you purchase that pup. Here are the necessities for training the perfect house pet.

Exercise – ideally you should walk your Pitbull twice a day as they require a lot of exercise in order to evade some joint related diseases which are common with aged dogs.

Grooming – their short white coat means they are low maintenance dogs; you only need to brush them once a week and they are good. On shedding seasons you can increase on brushing and trimming schedules.

Teaching Commands – you may need to be a bit dominant with the Pitbulls as they tend to get a bit difficult to train. You can use positive reinforcements such as snacks to reward them for work done

Feeding  – a healthy diet is required for your dog to keep up its strength. There are so many great dog foods that can provide your dog with all the nutrients it needs. Feeding schedules depends on what works best for you, ideally twice a day.

Health of the White Pitbull

Pitties have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years and are mostly healthy for the most part of their lives. However, there are medical conditions that they may be vulnerable to. The health issues include

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Cataracts
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Heart issues

How to get a White Pitbull?

Ensure that you purchase your White Pitbull puppy from a certified breeder that has all the health data about the parent of the puppies and is also trustworthy.

You may be sold an albino puppy instead of a Pitbull puppy. You can confirm that your puppy is really a White Pitbull by its brown eyes and red skin. An albino puppy has pink skin and pinkish eye color.

Facts about White Pitbull

  • White Pitbulls are often light sensitive especially at high noon
  • pitties usually have separation anxieties when they are separated from their owners, they love their owners dearly
  • Pitbulls were known as nanny dogs or nurse maids in the old days because they are great with children
  • white pitties are escape artists and can climb fences to make a get-away
  • Pitbulls have exceptionally firm jaw grip unlike regular canine breed
  • As a result of genetic traits and their naturally dominant behavior, pitties are aggressive towards other dogs. The best way to curb this aggression is early socialization.
  • Since 1991 Pitbulls were banned from entering England and Wales.

Are White Pitbulls for me?

If you are a dog lover who has a bit of time to train your dog and provide the basic necessities such as a healthy diet, enough exercise, and adequate grooming, then yes, this breed is perfect for you.

The White Pitbull is a family favorite with its energetic nimbleness. However, they shouldn’t be left on their own as they can be destructive and mischievous when bored.

Do you have any questions about the White Pitbull breed? Feel free to contribute below.

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